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success stories straight from the source

Motor Bar & Restaurant

Milwaukee, wi food & drink
Utilizing LivingSocial was an incredible success for my business… a success on all levels. Rob Levin, Director of Operations

In an effort to broaden its clientele, this all-american restaurant located on the campus of the Harley-Davidson Museum reached out to LivingSocial to create a tailored promotion to highlight its locally sourced, bar-styled dishes.

LivingSocial attracted droves of new and existing customers to the restaurant and not only were the new LivingSocial customers deemed to be a higher quality than other online marketing sites according to Director of Operations Rob Levin, but 90% of those new customers intended to return to Motor Bar & Restaurant again—helping make this hidden gem in the Menomonee River Valley a Milwaukee-must-see.

gross sales
plan to return
vouchers sold

Marsh Harbor Inn

bald head island, nc travel
This experience went so smoothly I can’t really think of anything I would do differently. Laurene Zarnoch, Owner & Member Manager

A long-time destination for tranquility, Marsh Harbor Inn wanted to share it’s secluded beauty with new guests in the off season. To do that, they’ve created 9 strategic LivingSocial promotions since 2010, each fine-tuned to meet their unique needs.

Five years and over 1,600 bookings later, Marsh Harbor Inn has seen nearly $639,000 in revenue from LivingSocial promotions while increasing their own email subscribers and accelerating repeat business. Plus, Merchant Center’s trackable metrics, demographics, and customer feedback features made it easy for the B&B to manage new customers and keep business thriving all year long.

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vouchers sold
promotions run

NASCAR Racing Experience

raleigh, nc events & experiences
... we’ve been able to reach an entirely new market that we couldn’t have been able to otherwise. Heather Lutz, VP Sales & Marketing

The NASCAR Racing Experience brings people from all over to their racetrack for an authentic and unforgettable adrenaline-pumped experience. They partnered with LivingSocial hoping to expand their reach to thrill-seekers outside of their core audience of racecar fans.

When LivingSocial ran NASCAR Racing Experience as a nationwide promotion, the response was resounding. Almost 700 vouchers were sold and this unique experience placed Raleigh as a destination for consumers. A huge amount of revenue came from new, non-traditional customers not within their target market. It was 'the number one reason' VP Healther Lutz was so impressed. 'We never expected these people to come out,' she said.

gross sales
vouchers sold

Charlestown Yoga

Boston, MA fitness & active
The whole process was very easy. My rep was very responsive and listened to my needs for the business. Kristin Quinn, Owner

This much­loved urban yoga studio in the heart of Boston wanted to boost their enrollment and revenue during the slower months of the summer, so they reached out to LivingSocial to create a five­class package for $30.

LivingSocial turned Charlestown Yoga's slow summer into a busy one, bringing in almost 500 new clients. Owner Kristin Quinn recalls, 'The best part of working with LivingSocial was seeing all of the new faces coming to our studio. We were able to easily upsell our retail products to these purchasers and many have become repeat customers.'

gross sales
vouchers sold

Jefferson Facial Plastics

philadelphia, pa health & beauty
I am a walking advertisement for LivingSocial. Working with LivingSocial has been invaluable! Calvin Jordan, Patient Coordinator

In an effort to expand their reach, Jefferson Facial Plastics created a targeted offer for an IPL Photo Rejuvenation Facial on LivingSocial to increase their customer base, grow the clientele of newer estheticians, and promote a unique and lesser-known services.

Not only did Jefferson Facial Plastics welcome hundreds of new guests into their offices, but those guests turned into valuable customers for the practice. Patient Coordinator Calvin Jordan couldn’t be happier saying, 'We were able to upsell to over 40% of the people that came through the door. Some people even purchased procedures that cost thousands of dollars.' Now that’s a rejuvenation!

gross sales
vouchers sold

Edge Bar & Restaurant

Denver, co food & drink
The servers told us this was definitely the right crowd of people—the first time we’ve had a glowing response from an online marketplace. Jim Guttau, Director of Public Relations at Four Seasons Hotel Denver

This progressive American steakhouse located in the contemporary Four Seasons Hotel Denver wanted to reach out to more local, gourmet-loving customers, particularly to increase midweek dinner reservations.

The sales reps at LivingSocial helped craft a perfect deal that brought in hundreds of new customers to this high-end culinary destination. They weren’t just any customers either, as Public Relations Director Jim Guttau noted. They were pleasant and seemed to be the kind of customers who come back, he mentioned, and he was right as the numbers revealed 91% of those customers planned to return.

gross sales
vouchers sold
plan to return

Harvest Moon Bed & Breakfast

new holland, pa travel
We had the most occupants that we have had in 12 years of business. Carl Kosko, Innkeeper

This darling inn, surrounded by bounding rural beauty and rated one of the top 10 culinary B&Bs in the country, reached out to LivingSocial to expand on current marketing efforts and spice up their mid-week occupancy.

Before very long, Harvest Moon sold 200 vouchers, booking this great little B&B solid for weeks. Plus, 80% of those purchasers were completely new guests, which means serious visibility for this hidden gem. When asked if he would be willing to recommend LivingSocial to other merchants, owner Carl Kosko quickly said, 'I already have.'

gross sales
vouchers sold
new customers

Maryland Science Center

Baltimore, Md events & experiences
We’d do this again, and based on the outcome, I can’t imagine why we’d change anything that we did. Chris Coper, Senior Director

The Maryland Science Center has been a beloved part of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor to local families for nearly 40 years. To extend their reach to even more moms and dads in and around Maryland, they chose LivingSocial and found great success.

All it took was one promotion and this local destination for kids and families was added to almost 10,000 new to-do lists. The center earned about $500,000 in revenue from their promotion and reached over 6 million people across the state. Not to mention an outstanding number of purchasers were new to the organization and 91% enjoyed their experience and said they planned to return. In the end, LivingSocial created the perfect formula for success.

vouchers sold
social media shares

Luxz Esthetics

honolulu, hi health & beauty
LivingSocial’s clientele has seemed to be more educated, more informed, and they book again. Roxanne Afalava, Owner

This high end skin care studio, located in the heart of Honolulu, specializes in non-surgical rejuvenation and relaxation services. To grow their consumer base and generate new revenue, they looked for a customized marketing promotion with LivingSocial.

The well-loved studio gained even more loyal customers through their promotional package offering of microdermabrasion, a facial or oxygen treatment, and $50 towards the next service. The promotion earned Luxz $7,315 in new revenue and an invaluable number of return visits. Owner Roxanne Afalava was ecstatic, noting, 'We have about an 80% pre-paid rebooking ratio, which is great.' Great, indeed!

gross sales
vouchers sold

Kennebunkport Resort

kennebunkport, me travel
Using LivingSocial is one of the most beneficial tools we have to sell rooms in a ‘bulk’ situation. Terri Coakley, Reservations Director

This collection of gorgeous accommodations meets the needs for any kind of getaway. To boost bookings during the autumn season, they reached out to LivingSocial's diverse customer base of impulsive, fun, and curious travelers.

LivingSocial's sales team quickly created an impactful promotion to grow Kennebunkport Resorts’ fall bookings and increase their influence and reputation in this lovely Maine town. Reservations Director Terri Coakley found her new LivingSocial guests to be outstanding, and plans to turn to LivingSocial for future promotions now than she's learn how quick and easy it was to fill her occupancy and meet her business' needs.

gross sales
vouchers sold
plan to return

Junk King

atlanta, ga services
The customers are exceeding my expectations. They have tipped and they don’t mind paying the upsell. James Van Buren, Manager

Junk King was new to the Atlanta area and needed a reliable way to introduce their junk removal services to communities in the area. The reach of online exposure through a LivingSocial promotion was just what this small business needed to grow.

LivingSocial really helped put Junk King on the map, bringing in 213 new customers and close to $10,000 of new sales—presumably even more revenue as manager James Van Buren saw upsells across the board. Reflecting on the promotion’s success, Van Buren remarked with excitement, 'We had no idea how many vouchers we would sell. This has been great for exposure, revenue, and generating new business.'

gross sales
vouchers sold

CoCo Key Water Park

Boston, Ma events & experiences
We felt the site was just friendlier. It looked like the deals were a little more well-thought out. Kate Brill-Daley, Director of Operations

While CoCo Key has many fans from near and far, many of them were outgrowing the indoor water park. Working with LivingSocial to attract new customers was a form of advertising—and even rebranding—to keep the park busy, even during the slower season.

CoCo Key Water Park sold nearly 9,000 vouchers as a result of the promotion and their huge flow of new customers left quite the impression. 'The clientele that LivingSocial reaches was the clientele we were looking for,' said Director of Operations Kate Brill-Daley. The water park also saw an impressive reach with over 3 million impressions and particularly on social media with almost 800 shares. Needless to say, it was a promotion worth talking about.

gross sales
vouchers sold

Day Block Brewing Company

minneapolis, mn food & drink
I would absolutely run another one; there’s no question that it was extremely helpful with our marketing. Jeff Hahn, Owner

This new Minneapolis brewpub was curious (even if a little skeptical) about the impact of online deal promotions, and decided to try it for themselves with a truly unique beer and bacon flight offering designed to boost local awareness.

With over 2,300 new tables and 82% of them filled with first-time customers, the promotion went 'remarkably well', said owner Jeff Hahn, excited to see the success that proved his skepticism wrong. Not only did his new customers make purchases above the voucher value, but 92% of those customers plan to return, positioning this much-loved brewpub as a true destination in the Twin Cities area.

gross sales
vouchers sold
plan to return

Paradise Point

san diego, ca travel
It was a very good partnership—which is why we’re going to do another deal. Kathy Skaleski, Director of Revenue Optimization

By running a Dated Flash Sale, Paradise Point saw several dates sell out completely and they sold more than 500 room nights, amounting to nearly $116,000 in gross sales. Skaleski said that the customers were great and Paradise Point saw a high auxiliary spend from LivingSocial guests. Additionally, many of these guest weren't just looking for low-priced lodging; nearly 20% of total bookings were for the Bayside Bungalow, one of Paradise Point’s premium room options.

Skaleski said she was impressed by the representative from LivingSocial that she worked with; “She was so non-obtrusive, and I think that really paid off.” Paradise Point decided to run another LivingSocial promotion and hopes that the successful partnership will allow even more guests to enjoy what this spectacular resort has to offer.

gross sales
room nights sold
rooms booked

Rivertowne Brewery

export, pa food & drink
We were selling out pretty much every Saturday with tours. It definitely helped us a lot. Rob Bolte, Beer Traffic Controller

Bolte immediately noticed in the LivingSocial merchant center that more customers were coming from neighboring states, “which was pretty wild,” he said. Nearly $25,000 was grossed on the deal, which led to Rivertowne partnering with LivingSocial for a second run. The LivingSocial clientele ranged from beer-happy 21-year-olds to senior citizens and 94% of the customers who were surveyed about their experience said gave the tour a 'thumbs up'.

The flood of customers went hand-in-hand with a fantastic partnership experience, as Bolte said the communication between his team and LivingSocial was always cordial and easy. “We’ve had a great relationship with her,” Bolte said of the sales rep working with Rivertowne. “It’s been nothing but positive the whole time.

gross sales
vouchers sold
thumbs up