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a better way to sell your merchandise

Get your product in front of millions of interested customers when you feature it on LivingSocial.

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purchasers who are first-time customers


of purchasers who plan to return

getting featured is easy

we'll be with you every step of the way


craft a promotion that works for your business
the contract

You'll work with a Buyer to come up with the best possible promotion to sell your inventory.

the promotion page

Your Production Coordinator will work with our expert writers and photo editors to create the perfect promotion page.


Review your thoughtfully crafted promotion page for accuracy. Once approval is given, we're ready to go!


let's introduce your products to our members
going live

We'll showcase your promotion live on our site, getting you in front of millions of consumers.


new customers are buying your products

You'll use your Merchant Centre account to track your success.

measurable success

Track your growth with useful data within Merchant Centre.


There's no upfront cost associated with running a promotion with us. In fact, you'll be earning revenue with each offer sold, and we'll be the ones paying you*.

*minus any additional fees that apply

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